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Acting Head of St Anne's Campus

Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment (FIE)

Your child may be talking about Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment, or FIE, at home. They may mention ‘cognitive functions’ or ‘bridging my learning’ during your family discussions. Parents may be asking themselves ‘How will this improve my child’s thinking and learning in others areas?’ A key part of FIE is bridging, or taking what is learnt during our sessions to other learning opportunities. To articulate this more effectively, St Anne’s will be running an FIE Parent Information session on Friday 9 June from 2.15 until 3.00pm in the Lorna Sparrow Hall.

The core premise of FIE is that everyone has the immeasurable ability to enhance their learning and intelligence. It was founded by Professor Reuven Feuerstein (1921-2014), who was a clinical development and cognitive psychologist. For his ground breaking work, Professor Feuerstein received numerous awards, including a Nobel Peace Prize nomination, the Israel Prize in Education and Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Academiques.

The easiest visual representation of FIE is that of a triangle. At one point of the triangle is the cognitive functions (thinking strategies) such as: systematically search, define the problem, make a plan, form categories, compare and show self-control. The second point of the triangle is mediated learning, which involves a mediator asking specific questions to engage the learner in thinking based around analysing, strategising, reflecting and bridging to other areas of learning. The final point of the triangle is the instruments, which enable learners to put specific cognitive functions into practise.

Gippsland Grammar is explicitly teaching FIE in Years 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. At St Anne’s we are implementing a FIE instrument that focuses on numeracy as a support program.  This support program is being run before school for some of our Year 2 to Year 6 students. We are proud of our efforts to help and challenge all of our students to become better thinkers and learners.

Road Safety

Last Friday we witnessed some students crossing Raymond Street in a dangerous fashion at the end of the day. This included running across the road between buses. Students need to be accompanied by an adult and/or use appropriate crossings at all times. It is imperative that we remain vigilant coming to and from school.

I recently contacted Sale Police to seek clarification about safety recommendations on students riding to school. Their suggestions were: helmets must be worn, including students riding scooters. Children should be at least ten years old before riding or walking to school independently. It was also recommended that, when travelling in a car, children should sit in a booster seat until they are at least seven years old. They also stressed the importance of children not travelling in the front passenger seat as airbags are designed for adults and can cause serious injury.

Can I ask you to consider these suggestions and also to stress to your children the importance of following the above?

Life Education Van

A parent information session will be held from 9-9.30 on Monday 22 May.  All parents are invited to attend and are to meet at the van at 9.00am with no RSVP required.


A fabulous Kidz Rock talent quest was held at Lorna Sparrow Hall a fortnight ago. Here’s a student reflection from Anthony Smith, Year 6.

On Friday 5 May we hosted the Kidz Rock Talent Contest.  Over eighty children from Gippsland Grammar and surrounding schools attended.  The three finalists in the Talent Competition were all from Gippsland Grammar.  These lucky and talented people included The Gippsland Grammar Rock Band, Zara Tacey and Jessica Martin. We would like to say thank you to all the teachers and parents who helped out throughout the evening.  

Garnsey Campus - Upper Years Concert

The next Upper Years Concert will be held on Thursday 1 June 2017 from 7.00pm in the Chapel of St Anne at Garnsey Campus.  This concert will showcase our Year 10 to Year 12 music students.  All are welcome.

Donations for Silent Auction Hampers

We are still in need of donations for our hampers, which will form part of the Silent Auction at next Friday’s Music Trivia Night.  There are three hampers: Picnic and Gourmet, Sports and Games and Pamper and Relaxation.  Donations can be left in the baskets provided in the Office.

Trivia Night

A quick reminder that our Music Trivia Night is on Friday 26 May. Bookings and payment can be made at the office and a reminder to BYO drinks and nibbles. Doors will open at 6:30pm for a 7.00pm start.

Enjoy your weekend.

Jie Van Berkel

Acting Head of St Anne's Campus

Those in our school community who were fortunate enough to be at McCubbin’s Fellowship this morning witnessed a beautiful tribute to all mothers. Our McCubbin students spoke about what they love and appreciate about their mothers, which was accompanied by a photo slideshow. Many found this quite emotional, myself included. I would like to wish all of our mothers and carers a happy Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Breakfast

It was fantastic having many of our mothers and their children at our recent Mother’s Day Breakfast. The morning provided a great chance to celebrate all the wonderful things our mums do for us. A huge thank you to Ann Young and Michelle Thompson for organising the morning and to our teachers who helped. We have no plans to open a café any time soon!

National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week is an annual celebration to acknowledge the generous contribution of our nation’s volunteers. More than 6 million Australians volunteer in a range of fields - sport, emergency services, community services and much more. St Anne’s is so lucky to have a dedicated group of volunteers assisting in our classrooms and at key events. Our regular, long term volunteers include Mrs Muriel Deacon, Mrs Margaret Mynard and Mrs Kaye Grubb. Thank you to all of our volunteers; we appreciate all that you do for our students.

School Safety

Our school provides a safe and supportive learning environment. We have worked hard to achieve this and will continue to do so, but we need your help. Students are welcome at school after 8:30am, when our teachers begin yard duty. School finishes at 3:15pm and it is important children are picked up promptly from outside their classrooms. Any student not collected from the classroom by 3:25pm will be sent to the Front Office and parents will be contacted. If parents are with their children on school grounds outside of these hours, we ask that they supervise them. It is important that students are signed in and out through our front office.

Life Education Van

Harold and the Life Education Van will be visiting St Anne’s from Wednesday 17 May until Monday 22 May. Our students will learn about keeping themselves healthy through choices and actions. A Parent Information session will be held from 9.00am - 9.30am on Monday 22 May. All parents are invited to attend and are to meet at the van at 9.00am with no RSVP required.

Big Write Talk Homework

Students who prepare for their fortnightly Thursday Big Write sessions by discussing the topic at home are more likely to produce their best writing. Students who complete their Talk Homework regularly often also feel more confident in tackling their written tasks. "If they can't say it, they can't write it."

Talk Homework is a chance to:

  • Help your child to think through and discuss initial ideas to develop their thought process

  • Engage your child in purposeful talk and extended conversation

  • Ask your child for their opinions

  • Demonstrate that it is fine to have different views or opinions

  • Develop your child's vocabulary through the use of WOW words (really good 'ambitious' vocabulary which is more sophisticated than normal spoken language)

  • Stimulate your child's creativity

  • Encourage the use of Standard English without slang or incorrect grammar. Children need to understand that the way we talk is different to the way we write.

    Some hints for a talk homework conversation:

  • Encourage as many family members as possible to be involved in the Talk Homework Make it an enjoyable activity

  • Switch off the television to try to ensure that it is dedicated talking and listening time

  • Begin a conversation by modelling, "I think that....because…"

  • Ask other family members to give their ideas, opinions and reasons why

  • Encourage thinking about exciting words to use to make their writing more interesting

Walking School Bus

Our ‘Walking School Bus’ will operate this coming Wednesday 17 May. Families are to meet Miss Cooke at the corner of Guthridge Parade and Foster Street at 7:45am if they wish to take part. Breakfast will again be provided by Janet Robertson from the school Tuckshop once the walking bus arrives at school.

Trivia Night

Our Music Trivia Night on Friday 26 May is not too far away. Along with a great night of music trivia, there will be auction items, door prizes and much more. Please invite your family and friends along. Tickets are just $15.00 per person from the front office; it is important that tables are paid for before the night. Doors open at 6:30pm for a 7.00pm start. Remember to BYO drinks and nibbles.

Trivia Night Hampers

This week you will have received a flyer asking for donations for the three hampers we will be auctioning on our Music Trivia night. We will have three hampers:

Hamper A: Pamper and Relaxation
Hamper B: Picnic and Gourmet
Hamper C: Sports and Games

The baskets are in the front office ready to be filled. All donations are gratefully accepted.

Barwala Book Collection - Thank you

Last year our 2016 Community Captains organised a collection of preloved books for a school in India. The books donated by our school community were delivered to the school over the Christmas break. Earlier this year Mrs Noble updated some of our library books and donated books which we no longer required to the Barwala collection.

We received the following message this week from Mrs Embling, who has been coordinating the book collection with us-

Thank you so much, I believe, to the Junior School Library on this occasion. Friends visiting Australia next month will take the books back to Paveen the school outside Delhi. I know this will make them very happy and, on their behalf my sincerest thanks to the Gippsland Grammar Junior School family for their generosity to these beautiful Indian children. They are most grateful. With thanks for, and on behalf of the children and staff.’ Jan Embling.

Art at St Anne’s
This term in Art the students in Years 2 and 5 are exploring mixed medium Surrealist sculpture. It has been wonderful to see the creativity of the student’s designs and the growth they’ve shown in their thinking and practice of sculpting skills. We have some amazing artists at St Anne’s! Soon to come will be the clay sculpting practice of our Preps and Year 1s, who will focus on creating a narrative within their art.

Our tables and floors are festive with rainbow splatters from the fabric dyeing experiments from Years 3 and 4 currently, who are creating thread and textile wall hangings this term. We have been very impressed with the patterns and colour blends we have been able to achieve through our exploration and experimentation. We very much look forward to the final art pieces we will create.

Coming up this term is the Year Five excrsion to the National Gallery of Victoria. On this exciting day the Year Fives will participate in a formal gallery tour and engage in workshops teaching the painting style and techniques of Vincent Van Gogh, and art making through the use of digital technologies. News about the happenings of our NGV trip will be shared via the newsletter and our portal pages.



Acting Head of St Anne's Campus

Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.
William Arthur Ward

I have recently taken the opportunity to spend more time in our classrooms observing teaching and learning. Listening to rich discussions, focusing on thinking, learning, questioning and feedback, has given me a greater insight into our ‘Learning Culture’ at Gippsland Grammar. Watching our committed teachers teach and interact with our students as they learn has confirmed what I strongly believe; we are providing an education that focuses on opportunity and personal excellence.

Becoming a more rounded learner through participation in our Specialist programs is a key example of the opportunities available at our School: Exploring and developing each student’s creative side through our Art and Music lessons; our Japanese program allows students to learn a different language and about a culture that is both traditional and innovative; library focuses on a love of books and further developing our students’ ICT skills; while Physical Education lessons focus on skill development, sportsmanship and fitness.

This only scratches the surface of what opportunities are available through our Specialist programs. For example, through our Music program students can experience: choirs, bands, ensembles, eisteddfods, music camp and individual instrumental lessons to name a few. Our Sports program allows students to represent Gippsland Grammar at primary level in: Swimming, Cross Country, Tennis, Netball, Soccer, Football and Athletics. Our Japanese program is enriched through our students travelling to Japan, whole school incursions, such as our upcoming Kendo experience. Japanese students from our sister school in Japan visit each year and run a Japanese Games Day for our students. Every alternate year we organise and perform our large scale School Play. In previous years this has included performances of Seussical, Annie and most recently Lion King. Our Art Exhibition, which will be happening this year, allows our students to showcase their artistic talents on a large scale.

Our Specialist program is creating and fostering well rounded young people. The learning opportunities mentioned above allow our students to be creative, innovative, experience the highs and lows, be challenged, proud and be resilient.

Mother’s Day Breakfast – Fathers Needed

We are having our inaugural Mother’s Day Breakfast this coming Monday 8 May in the Lorna Sparrow Hall. The assistance of any fathers and special friends to help on the morning from 7:00am onwards in the hall would be greatly appreciated. We will be having two sittings for our mothers, one at 7:30am and the other at 8:00am. We are looking forward to showing our appreciation to all the mothers in our school community.


Our NAPLAN assessments will be next week on the Tuesday 9, Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 May. As a school we will be ensuring our Year 3 and 5 students are given the best opportunity to showcase their learning. It is important that we acknowledge that NAPLAN provides us with a snapshot of our student’s academic understanding on that day. We will be working hard to ensure our students have a positive experience. At home, please remind your child that NAPLAN is simply a test, it does not define them or take into account all their wonderful other skills.

After School

At the end of each day we see many parents and students enjoying each other’s company in the School grounds after 3.25pm. While we appreciate the importance of this opportunity for a social catch-up, we have noticed that some students are not respecting School property during this time.  

It is important that students are picked up promptly from their classroom at the end of the day, and supervised by their parents whilst in the school grounds. This is particularly important after 3:25pm. Our teachers are on duty from 8:30am and students are not to be at school unsupervised before this. The home bell is at 3:15pm and it is essential that students are picked up promptly, particularly from the junior end of the school. The safety of our students is most important and I appreciate your assistance with this.

It is also important that all students are signed in and out of the school if they are arriving late at the start of the day, or leaving early for an appointment during the day.  For the safety of all students, it is necessary for parents to sign them in or out of the school, this should not be left for the students to do.  Students should not leave the school grounds during the day without a parent or guardian accompanying them.

Walking School Bus

We will be having our ‘Walking School Bus’ this coming Wednesday 17 May. Families are to meet Miss Cooke at the corner of Guthridge Parade and Foster Street at 7:45am if they wish to take part. Breakfast will again be provided by Janet Robertson from the school Tuckshop once the walking bus arrives at school.

Trivia Night

Our Music Trivia Night is organised for Friday 26 May, with doors opening at 6:30pm for a 7.00pm start. Tickets will be $15.00 per person with teams consisting of ten people on a table. Along with a great night of music trivia, there will be auction items, door prizes and much more. We would like as many people as possible, so please invite your family and friends along. Tickets are now available from the office and a reminder to BYO drinks and nibbles.

Please remember that if your child has achieved amazing success outside of school, we would love to hear about it and share it with our school community. Contact Ann Young via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at the office with their success stories.

Enjoy your weekend
Jie Van Berkel


Year 2 Chisholm presented the Good Manners Fellowship today, Friday 5 May. Thank you to all who came to support the students - for many it was the first time they'd spoken into a microphone in front of a large gathering. Nerves and excitement were high and a good job done by everyone. We look forward to lots of 'pleases' and 'thank yous'!

Sport at St Anne’s

It has been a busy start to Term 2 in regard to Sport! Last week saw many students involved in a range of sporting activities at a range of different levels. 

On Wednesday 26 April, Arki Vardy, Brodie Rowand and Jack Crowe participated in the School Sport Victoria State Swimming Championships. Jack finished 7th in Backstroke, Arki finished 6th in Butterfly and Brodie finished 5th in Breaststroke. Congratulations to each student, they should all be very proud of their efforts.

On Thursday 27 April, Brodie Rowand, Eddie Welgemoed, Natalia Covino, Jude Scriven, Rose Dallimore and Maya Cairnes attended the South Eastern Independent Schools Association (SEISA) Athletics Carnival and participated in the Under 12 age group. All students are to be congratulated for their efforts with the following students achieving outstanding results on the day: 

Student Event Place
Brodie Rowand







Rose Dallimore



4x100m relay




Natalia Covino 4x100m relay 2nd
Maya Cairnes





Also on Thursday 27 April, Austin Bauer, Darcy Cumming, Jessica Board, Baxter Pearce and Brooke Marshall participated in the School Sport Victoria Regional Tennis team trials. These students have progressed after success in the Wellington event last term. The students performed well in cold and wet conditions. Congratulations to all who were able to progress to this level of the competition!

On Monday 8 May, there will be a large number of students representing Gippsland Grammar at the Sale and District Cross Country event. Good luck to all competitors!   Sam Cooke, Teacher of Physical Education & Sport.

Garnsey Campus Autumn Concert

The Garnsey Campus autumn Concert will be held on Friday 12 May 2017 starting at 7.30pm in Garnsey Hall.  All welcome, with tickets $5.00 for adults, $2.00 concession and seniors and primary aged students and under free.

St Paul's Messy Church

St. Paul’s Messy Church

             Starting 21st May,  4.00 – 6.30pm

Every 3rd Sunday of the month

 A celebration of God’s love for all of us.

Come in for a variety of activities, stories, songs and a meal together.

Families, children, everyone welcome!

Children 12 years and under to be accompanied by a responsible adult

Acting Head of St Anne's Campus

ANZAC Day Service

Tuesday was the 102nd ANZAC Day since the fateful World War I campaign on Turkish soil. The day gives all Australians the opportunity to show respect to the men and women who have died, returned or are still serving in our armed forces.  Many of us have personal stories about family members who have fought in wars overseas. Rose Dallimore, our Campus Captain, marched on Tuesday to represent her Great Great Grandfather who fought in Gallipoli and the Western Front during World War I. Personally, my Grandfather fought during World War II in Papua New Guinea as part of the 39th Battalion along the infamous Kokoda Track. He survived, however the brutality of war had a significant effect on him and the family on his return. Thank you to Rose and Austin, our Campus Captains, who attended the Dawn Service and then laid a wreath at the 11.00am service on behalf of the St Anne’s School Community.

Leadership Opportunities for our Students

Today’s Fellowship focused on Leadership, particularly, that we are all leaders whether we are big or small. Being a leader isn’t about a title, it is about your positive actions to lead.

At Gippsland Grammar, we believe all students should have the opportunity to foster and develop their leadership skills. The scope of our leadership programs increase in Years 5 and 6, however there are significant roles in the Middle and Lower Year levels.

Our Student Representative Council (SRC) and Green Team are made up of students across our St Anne’s Campus. They make significant decisions as representatives of their peers with regards to fundraising and our sustainability efforts. Also, each class organises and presents a Fellowship. This provides students with the chance to speak in front of a large audience. Public speaking is an important leadership skill that is focused on from ELC to Year 12 at Gippsland Grammar. At the beginning of the year, all Year 6 students were given a leadership role within the School. These included: House Captains, Music Captains and Sporting Captains to name a few. Our Buddies Program allows our Year 5 students to nurture their leadership skills through regular ‘buddy’ sessions with our ELC Kinder students. Guest speakers, such as Emma Conway from the CFA and Flight Lieutenant John Meredith, provide valuable real life examples of what positive leadership looks like.

Our Year 5 students recently attended the local GRIP conference. It was an engaging and energetic program designed to help students see their potential as leaders. By identifying strengths and being aware of their weaknesses, the students discovered that they too could be a leader by accepting the responsibility to contribute to others as effective role models and members of a team.  We will continue to provide occasions for our students to further develop their positive leadership skills through formal and informal opportunities.

SoldierOn Fundraiser

Students sold ANZAC biscuits last Friday after the ANZAC Fellowship and again at the Cross-Country Carnival to raise money for SoldierOn. SoldierOn is a charity which provides support services for those impacted physically or psychologically by their service to Australia. The Defence students would like to thank Janet Robertson for baking hundreds of delicious biscuits and the School Community for supporting this fundraising activity. We are pleased to have raised $233 for the charity.

Walking School Bus

We will be having our ‘Walking School Bus’ this Wednesday 17 May. Families are to meet Miss Cooke at the corner of Guthridge Parade and Foster Street at 7.45am if they wish to take part. Breakfast will again be provided by Janet Robinson from the School Tuckshop once the walking bus arrives at School.

Open Morning

Gippsland Grammar’s Open Morning is on Wednesday 3 May from 9.00am to 11.00am. At St Anne’s we will be running student led tours of the School utilising technology to demonstrate our culture of learning, excellence and opportunity. If you know of anyone wishing to learn more about our great School, encourage them to come along to our open day.

Kids Rock

On Friday 5 May from 7.00pm to 9.00pm we will be holding our first Kids Rock Talent Show in the Lorna Sparrow Hall. The event will allow our students to showcase their singing, dancing or musical talent. A flyer about the event has been sent home. There is a $10 entry for students and adults are free. Some food and water will be available for purchase. We have a group of parent volunteers providing supervision on the night, however, parents are encouraged to stay. There will be no pass outs given to students.

Trivia Night

Our Music Trivia Night is organised for Friday 26 May, with doors opening at 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start. Tickets will be $15.00 per person with teams consisting of ten people on a table. Along with a great night of music trivia, there will be auction items, door prizes and much more. We would like as many people as possible, so please invite your family and friends along. Tickets are now available from the office and a reminder to BYO drinks and nibbles.


Our National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy, otherwise known as NAPLAN will be happening on the 9, 10 and 11 of May. A letter has already been sent to our Year 3 and Year 5 families informing them about the upcoming assessments. Students will be assessed on their Numeracy, Reading, Writing and Language Conventions. It is important that we acknowledge that NAPLAN provides us with a snapshot of our student’s academic understanding on that day. It is important that we do not allow our children to become anxious about NAPLAN. Parents could talk to their child about techniques they could use to prepare, such as calm breathing, eating a healthy breakfast and utilising a Growth Mindset.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Jie Van Berkel

Inter-House Cross Country

On Monday 24 April, all year levels attended and participated in the Cross Country carnival. The competition was excellent and all students are to be congratulated for their effort, sportsmanship and for the support that they showed each other during each of the races. There were a number of parents who kindly volunteered to assist, with their help very much appreciated, as without them, the day would not have been as successful.

While all students participated extremely well, there are several students who need to be recognised for their outstanding performances on the day. The champions for each age group were:

12 Year Boys – Baxter Pearce
12 Year Girls – Debbie Husodo
11 Year Boys – Harry Lancaster
11 Year Girls – Brodie Rowand
10 Year Boys – Eddie Welgemoed
10 Year Girls – Charlie Price
9 Year Boys – Cruz Coggan
9 Year Girls – Lily Canfield

In regard to the Inter-House Competition, Wellington-Binks finished in first place, proving themselves as tough competition after also winning Champion House at the swimming carnival. The places for each house and points awarded were as follows:

1st – Wellington-Binks, 229 points
2nd – Cranswick-Dargo, 197 points
3rd – Blundell-Bogong, 176 points
4th – Tisdall-Hotham, 127 points

Miss Sam Cooke
Teacher of Physical Education and Sport - St Anne's

Integrated Studies

The students in Year 1 are learning about the changes that occur in different foods in a Chemical Science Unit called ‘Spot the Difference’. We are learning about the chemical changes in foods when they are heated, cooled and bent. We look forward to experimenting with different types of chocolate soon as well as making spaghetti towers out of cooked and uncooked spaghetti.

Cross Country

The students in Year 1 McCubbin and Bradman thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to run at the House Cross Country on Monday 24 April. Although some of the children were feeling a little nervous, they challenged themselves and ran on with everyone making it to the finish line with big smiles on their faces.

Mrs Kristen Rich
Classroom Teacher Year 1 McCubbin

Sustainability at the Early Learning Centre

Here at the ELC we take sustainability seriously and believe this begins by teaching the children about the natural world. This leads to a greater appreciation of the need to respect and care for our environments.

In Reception the children use their food scraps to feed the worms in the worm farm and give scraps to children’s chooks. The children are also beginning to learn about waste and are encouraged to recycle paper.

In Pre-Prep the children enjoy putting their scraps in the compost bins and when the compost is ready, putting it in the vegetable garden. They also enjoy learning about growing vegetables and cooking with these vegetables. There is also a strong emphasis on recycling paper within the classroom and responsible use of water. Throughout the year children are engaged in learning about the natural world, beginning with the annual sunflower project. Excursions to forest and marine environments complement their learning as they begin to recognise the impact of human life on these environments.

Last week Raquel Harris, Sustainability Officer at Wellington Shire, visited to discuss what rubbish is, where it goes, and how we can reduce waste. Raquel explained to the children what can be recycled, and the logo to look for on packaging to show that it can be recycled. It was a most educational visit and your child may have information to discuss with you at home.

Following this we began our GREAT RUBBISH FREE CHALLENGE. Each week we will count the amount of non-recyclable rubbish generated by each room, Swan Room versus Cygnet Room. The room with the least amount of rubbish each week will receive the Recycling Champion of the Week trophy. The children are fiercely competitive so we are looking forward to a great competition.

Many thanks to our families who are avid supporters of our nutrition and sustainability policies. Together we can make a difference.

Lisa Burgess
ELC Director

Buddies by Zara Tacey

One of the most exciting things about year 5 is that you get to take part in the buddies program. There are many fun games and activities to do with your buddy, but also a big part of having a buddy is setting a good example and being a strong leader. This is a great way for them to learn from us what is expected at School. I love having a buddy its amazing fun.

Green Team by Blake Fairweather

So far this year in the Green Team we have focussed on composting and fixing up the compost areas. We have been working on the veggie gardens and planted a range of vegetables. Each week we take care of them and our goal is to cook them and share them with other students. As an older member of the team it is my responsibility to teach the younger students and be a role model. I feel that the Green Team gives me a great opportunity to build on my leadership skills and help the School to be more sustainable.

Grip Conference by Jesica Norman

The GRIP Conference was an outstanding leadership conference. GRIP stands for: Generosity, Responsibility, Integrity and People. My favourite thing was the ‘Loud Noises’, however there was more than one loud noise. There was epic win or epic fail, it was a draw of three all. The next Loud Noise was Spellbow where you had to spell a word with your elbow. Three people played and there was a timer. One person spelt a word with their elbow and another person guessed the word. The last Loud Noise was dancing. It was lots of fun!

We also learnt how to think outside the box and the facilitator who taught us was Cameron. He thought of lots of ideas for other uses of a brick and encouraged us to think of other uses for things. They also put on a play about the voice of doubt, and it was very funny. The voice of doubt was played by Andy. “Don’t do it. No no no.” Andy repeated over and over again in a deep voice and it made a lot of people laugh. He was encouraging us to choose what the right thing was to do and to be responsible. We can all be leaders when we work together to use our strengths to achieve a goal.