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Acting Head of St Anne's Campus

As I reflect on term 2, I realise that we have so much to be grateful for as a school. I am grateful for our wonderful school community; our students, parents, carers and teachers. I am grateful for those who work behind the scenes; our administration team, maintenance crew and our school cleaners, who do so much unheralded work. I am grateful for our amazing surrounds, from our spacious grounds with beautiful trees to each well-equipped classroom.

Instrumental Soiree

At Wednesday’s Junior School Instrumental Soiree, I was able to watch and listen to our instrumental students playing some quality music. From Rohanna Mills playing the French horn and Harper McMillan-Gross playing the piano, to our Paginini and Mozart string ensembles, the night was a fantastic experience.


At Fellowship this morning we had the chance to hear from those Years 5 and 6 students who travelled to Japan during the Easter holidays. The children spoke about trying unusual delicacies (and using chop sticks for the first time), travelling on bullet trains, visiting Disneyland, dealing with extremely large crowds and much more. A big thank you to Tomomi Wynne, Ann Young and Annie Crowe for being brave enough to travel overseas with fifteen students.

Citizen of the Term

Congratulations to our students who have received ‘Citizen of the Term’ for Term 2. This award is to acknowledge students who consistently demonstrate our CLERR values. I know that our teachers find selecting one student each term extremely challenging. Well done to Judah Levchenko, Nina Davine, Leila Grattan, Clementine Robinson, Maizy Duck, Olivia Clyne, Lily Dowling, Hayden Hughes, Baylin Grubb, Zara Tacey, Eden Levchenko, Isabel Rush-Lestrange and Brooke Marshall.

Student Academic Reports

Our student reports go home today and will provide parents and carers with a snapshot of their child’s academic, social and emotional learning throughout Semester 1. Our teachers are our best resource in the school and have the greatest impact on our students’ learning. I would like to thank them for their honesty and time during the report writing process. If you have any concerns about your child’s report, please speak to your classroom teacher. We will hold Parent-Teacher interviews in Term 3. Further information on when and how to book your appointment will be available early next term.


This Term we say goodbye to some important people within our school community. Harry and Victoria Piefke, Baye Pendrick and Brodie Rowand are leaving us. On behalf of the school, I would like to thank these students and their families for being part of our school community. Good luck with your move and please remember that you are always welcome back.

Woolworths Earn and Learn Program

Woolworths Earn and Learn is back and it is now easier than ever to earn valuable resources for St Anne’s. In 2015 more than 14,500 schools and Early Learning Centres benefited from the program, boosting supplies in classrooms, libraries, music rooms, gymnasiums and science labs.

From Wednesday 26 July until Tuesday 19 September 2017, when you shop at Woolworths you can collect Woolworths Earn and Learn Stickers from the checkout operator or through an online order and place them on a Woolworths Earn and Learn Sticker Sheet. There’ll be one Woolworths Earn & Learn Sticker for every $10 spent (excluding liquor, tobacco, and gift cards). Once completed, simply place the Sticker Sheet in the Collection Box, either at St Anne’s Reception or at Sale Woolworths. St Anne’s is then able redeem the Woolworths Earn and Learn Stickers for valuable educational resources from Modern Teaching Aids - Australia’s biggest supplier of resources for schools. We can select from Science, Sports, Mathematics, English, Arts & Crafts equipment and much more.

Term Three Information

Just a quick reminder that Term 3 commences on Tuesday 18 July. Our School photos will be distributed early next term. Our Prep and Year 1 children are starting swimming in Term Three and a letter will be going home with more specific information on days, times, what to bring, expectations, etc.

Safe holidays everyone
Jie Van Berkel

Other Items

Green Team

The Green Team has been working hard on our garden and composting this term. We are in the process of creating awareness posters, to share our knowledge with the rest of the school. Upcoming projects for the Green Team are our Herb Garden and our ‘Master Chef’ cook off. These projects are in the works and will be completed during Term 3. Our aim is to use recycled materials to create a hanging herb garden, then use our garden and herb plants to create delicious dishes for us to share with the school community.


This term students have been busy sculpting, sewing, and painting to create works that will be shown at the upcoming Art Exhibition in Term 3. It’s exciting to see the students develop their own ideas about how they’re choosing to have their work shared and presented.

This week on Thursday our Year 5 students went to the National Gallery of Victoria to explore the Van Gogh exhibition. We participated in two workshops and toured the gallery. Look forward to some student responses to our visit next term.

Regional Cross Country

On Thursday 15 June four students from Gippsland Grammar competed in the Regional Cross Country competition in Warragul, representing the Wellington Division. These students included Brodie Rowand, Debbie Husodo, Jack Crowe and Georgia Anderson. All students are to be commended for their efforts on the day, with special mention going to Brodie and Debbie who were placed 2nd in their events, allowing them to progress to the State Cross Country competition. Congratulations and we wish them luck.

Acting Head of St Anne's Campus

This week I have been locked away in my office (with the heating on!) reading our students’ Academic Reports. While I would normally prefer to be helping in a classroom, or playing down-ball against the students, rather than be trapped in my office, the opportunity to read each student’s report has given me excellent insight into the learning happening across our Campus. Our teachers have worked tirelessly to create your child’s report; it is personalised, accurate, celebrates growth and identifies areas of improvement. Please take the time to read the document fully and discuss it with them; focus on the positives as well as areas for improvement.

FIE Parent Information Session

Thank you to the parents who made it to our Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Parent Information Session. The aim was to demonstrate how FIE can improve students learning in other curriculum areas. The afternoon was structured like a normal FIE lesson, with a focus on a cognitive function, specific questioning and a sample of FIE instruments. Kate Arnup, our school’s FIE trainer, and a mixture of teachers and students provided support to our parents. I hope that the parents who attended ‘popped’ some dendrites by the end of lesson.

Child Safety – Tricky People

Can I ask parents and carers to have a discussion with their children about dealing with ‘tricky people’? Tricky people (a phrase from the Life Education Van) are people who do not have our children’s best interest at heart. This was previously known as ‘Stranger Danger.’ However, as Jan from the Life Education Van explained, sometimes people we know can be hurtful. Having age appropriate discussions with our children increases their awareness and safety.   

This advice, while not in response to a particular incident, is an important follow-up to topics which have been addressed at School.

Japanese Overseas Tour Fellowship

Don’t forget; those students who travelled to Japan as part of our cultural overseas tour will present at Fellowship on Friday 23 June, giving them an opportunity to share their experiences with our School community and enhance their presentation skills.

Enjoy your weekend!
Jie Van Berkel


Prep Literacy Project

Mrs Tayler and Mrs Grubb had a wonderful day at the ISV Prep Literacy Project last Thursday with Michelle Hutchison! For those of you who are not familiar with Michelle, she has extensive academic qualifications in the field of learning difficulties. She is an experienced classroom and Special Education teacher, with a specialisation in the literacy learning difficulty Dyslexia. Michelle is well known for her passion and energy, she doesn’t just teach…..she inspires! Mrs Tayler and Mrs Grubb now have even more fabulous ideas to help deliver the Prep Literacy Program in Prep Mawson and Bass! 

Science in Year 2

Year 2 have been keen scientists this week, investigating how they can mix things together, like cornflour and rice bubbles. They even discovered that they could separate them again by sifting. Year 2 had great fun making ‘ooey gooey’ slime. They experimented with different recipes to make the best slime possible. Did you know that you can make fluffy slime by adding shaving cream to the mixture? Or you can add glitter to make sparkly slime! Year 2 has really enjoyed our Science topics this term.

St Paul's Messy Church

St. Paul’s Messy Church

             Sunday 18 June  4.00 – 6.30pm

Every 3rd Sunday of the month

 A celebration of God’s love for all of us.

Come in for a variety of activities, stories, songs and a meal together.

Families, children, everyone welcome!

Children 12 years and under to be accompanied by a responsible adult

Acting Head of St Anne's Campus

Interest, discussion and research about wellbeing have skyrocketed in the past ten years. Wellbeing is at the heart of our educational model, Academic Care. Without it, true learning is not possible. I recently had the opportunity to participate in a Wellbeing Conference where we explored the factors, both positive and negative, that impact our personal wellbeing. This has allowed me to reflect on my own strategies to improve my wellbeing.

Here are some suggested strategies that could help you and your family:

·         Be positive – seeing and hearing positivity translates to thinking and feeling positive

·         Practise mindfulness – simple breathing techniques can ‘calm’ your thinking

·         Relax – beware of over-stimulation through excessive light and noise

·         Network – Make and keep meaningful connections with colleagues, family and friends

·         Demonstrate gratitude – spend time each day reflecting on the things you are grateful for

·         Build resilience – try to develop the ability to cope with unexpected changes and challenges

·         Exercise – regular movement releases endorphins and increases motivation

·         Have fun – make time each day to do something you enjoy

FIE Parent Information Session

Gippsland Grammar is actively teaching FIE in Years 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. At St Anne’s we are implementing an FIE instrument, focusing on Numeracy, as a before school support program for some of our Year 2 to Year 6 students.

St Anne’s will be running an FIE Parent Information Session on Friday 16 June from 2:15pm until 3pm in the Lorna Sparrow Hall. The aim of the session is to demonstrate how FIE can improve learning in other curriculum areas.

Student Academic Reports

Our teachers have been hard at work with mid-year reports, including nights and weekends over the last few weeks, creating each individual report. Please take the time to read your child’s report carefully. Celebrate growth and achievement. Take recommendations on board and discuss them further with your teacher. I recommend parents read their child’s report with them, when appropriate. 

Reports provide a great opportunity for us to communicate and celebrate your child’s learning with you, but they are just one of a range of methods we use. At St Anne’s, we also communicate about a student’s academic, social and emotional growth through communication books, email, phone calls, informal and formal meetings.

Japanese Overseas Tour Fellowship

Those students who travelled to Japan as part of our Junior School’s cultural overseas tour will present at Fellowship on Friday 23 June. It will be an opportunity for them to share their experience with our school community, and to enhance their presentation skills. The Fellowship will also allow us to inform our wider school community about Japanese culture, food, places of interest and the people.

Enjoy your weekend
Jie Van Berkel