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St Anne's Campus

Prep - Year 6

The Junior School has excellent staff and wonderful facilities and I feel privileged and fortunate to be the Head of this campus.  The Sale Junior School is spacious (three hectares) and very attractive, characterised by a calm and relaxed atmosphere, many beautiful trees and lovely green areas and gardens that our friendly and inclusive school community appreciate.  Approximately 200 primary school students enjoy the benefits of this delightful learning environment.  In addition a 40 place (20 for three year olds and 20 for four year olds) Early Learning Centre is established within the campus.

At our campus our culture is one of respect, success and support.  We celebrate our ongoing achievements and strive for each student and staff member to continually achieve their personal best.  Development of self-esteem and confidence occur alongside the development of other skills and the gaining of knowledge, which helps each child operate successfully in both the School community and the wider community.  The thread for a seamless Gippsland Grammar education begins at our Early Learning Centre where children have the advantage of utilising school resources and interacting with older students and specialist teachers, both of which will become more significant to the students as they pass through the school.

Our strong and vibrant curriculum also begins at the Early Learning Centre and increases and develops from Prep and continues strongly throughout the primary years. Teaching and learning is conducted in spacious, well resourced and attractive teaching/learning spaces where self-discipline prevails. Appropriate pastoral care for all, is a vitally important ingredient of our curriculum and School.

Many of our students live in Sale and surrounding areas with numerous bus routes bringing students from Traralgon, Glengarry, Newry, Stratford, Cowwarr, Heyfield, Maffra, Meerlieu, Yarram, Longford and numerous other small towns and rural communities.

Academic achievement is paramount at the St. Anne’s Campus. Students are known well to all teachers and individual needs can be addressed appropriately. All students are tested annually and those who appear to be at risk are offered additional individual or group assistance or support within the classroom, whichever is believed to be the most effective.  The very able students who require extension and greater challenges are also catered for through the provision of differentiated work and tasks and a variety of special programs designed to meet their needs.  Whilst the school strives for academic excellence and offers academic scholarships each year we welcome students of all abilities.  The use of individual learning plans ensures that all students are taught in a manner that addresses their individual needs. These plans are communicated to parents to ensure goals are shared between home and school.  

At the St. Anne’s Campus we encourage students to experience learning.  There are numerous excursions at all year levels and an emphasis on appreciating the environment.  The school is an accredited “Kids – go for your life” school, a member of a sustainability group and there is a “waste watch” program involving extensive recycling and a school veggie patch.

In recent years significant building works and renovations have been completed.  The Library Resource Centre was extended and upgraded in 2008 and in 2009 two additional classrooms and a wonderful new Art centre were created in the downstairs section of the former girls’ boarding house.  In 2010 a BER (Building the Education Revolution) Grant allowed us to complete the upstairs renovations in that building.  Two more classrooms were created and a large senior girls’ changing room.  The school also completely renovated the former boys’ boarding house, which is now a dedicated Music centre containing a very large teaching room, seven practice rooms, an ensemble room, office and storage for many instruments.  In addition the Lorna Sparrow Hall was extended.  A  large storage area, entry foyer, lavatory facilities  and tuckshop containing a commercial kitchen were built.

 We want to foster a strong partnership with parents that will assist the students to become involved, responsible and caring citizens as they grow spiritually and develop morally. Students are offered academic challenges, cultural experiences, problem solving tasks and physical activities that will encourage the discovery and development of taking responsibility for their own learning. Within the whole process, students will be encouraged to participate in imaginative activities, engage in and develop an appreciation of the visual and performing arts, and be fit and active in order to experience the joy of learning and life.

If you wish to know more, please browse the website or contact the school so your questions can be answered or a tour can be arranged.

Jie Van Berkel
Head of St. Anne’s Campus