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It was a great joy to attend the Autumn Concert in Garnsey Hall on Friday night. The students had been preparing for many weeks, including the annual music camp at Rawson. The Autumn Concert is the first concert for the year and has a more casual and fun flavour to it, however the quality of this year’s performance was outstanding. All of the students contributed to the various ensembles to produce sound that was harmonious in every respect. The singing at the Autumn Concert is always a favourite, with performances from the Choir, Schoir and the grand finale of the Camp Choir. Every musician contributes to the final number, their voices soaring under the expert tutelage of Stephen Taberner.  

It was with absolute pride that I watched our students revelling in their performances on Friday night. It is always wonderful to see students achieving their own level of personal excellence, and even more heart-warming to watch them supporting and encouraging each other to do well. I am proud to be part of a school where it is OK to be good at things and to follow your dreams; where the school community supports and applauds individual endeavour; where others won’t mock you or make fun of your particular passion.

I had a similar feeling of pride when I attended the Bairnsdale Schools Shoot on Monday to watch our team compete. Over 125 students attended from local schools; our shooters achieved amazing results, finishing first in the Open A division. Many of them attaining great individual results that contributed to our overall team effort. Once again, our students were able to achieve their own levels of personal excellence.

On Thursday this week the Athletics team travelled to the Lakeside Track in South Melbourne to compete in the ICCES Athletics Carnival. Inspired by Ms Dyke they achieved a wonderful result for the School and some outstanding individual efforts.

It takes great effort to train and prepare for each of these events, as well as many hours travelling, performing and competing. There is also an element of risk, as our students give their best but still face failure; however, it is through participating that we develop character and resilience, and forge strong friendships with other students.

As a school we are truly blessed to have committed teachers and members of our broader school team who continue to inspire and encourage our students to give their best and to take risks. I commend the work of Mr Goss and the music team, Mr Kuch and the shooting team and Ms Dyke and the athletics team. Well done and thank you.