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The Principal

Welcome back to all students and families as we begin Term 2. I trust you had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed the superb Autumn weather. Like many, I took the opportunity over the holidays to catch up with family and friends; I hope you feel as refreshed and enthusiastic about the upcoming term as I do.

You may already be aware that Mr Colin Iversen relinquished his role as Director of Performing Arts at the end of last term, in order to focus on our accomplished strings program. As such, it gives me great pleasure to welcome Mr Matthew Goss as our new Director of Performing Arts.  Mr Goss was previously the Director of Music at Dulwich College in Shanghai. He and his family join our school community after a busy term in China. Mr Goss is an accomplished saxophonist and brings a broad range of experience to the role. He is looking forward to engaging with our extensive band program across all three campuses, ever mindful of the role music can play in the cognitive development of young people.

There is much research to suggest that learning to play an instrument, performing and ultimately composing, have a great impact on the brain’s development and the ability to develop conceptual thinking skills. Gippsland Grammar’s music program offers students the opportunity to begin, continue or enhance their understanding and appreciation of music, as well as their musical skills and ability to perform and compose. Over the next few weekends our musicians will be attending music camp at Rawson Village, in order to refine their performance program for the Autumn Concert on Friday, 12 May in Garnsey Hall. I encourage you to attend if you would like to be entertained and enthralled by our students and their exceptional abilities.

We also welcome Mrs Sharyn Henderson this term, who joins our PE staff, as well as Mrs Jane Baker, who will be teaching science while Mrs Caithness enjoys Long Service Leave.

The beginning of Term 2 marks the launch of the Old Scholar’s ‘Be Your Potential’ Fee Raffle. The raffle is the major fundraiser for the Be Your Potential Scholarship Fund, designed to support students who would not otherwise be able to attend Gippsland Grammar. The Fee Raffle comprises just 500 tickets at $100 each. The winning ticket entitles the holder to a 2018 Tuition Fee for a nominated student - present or future. Tickets are available now from reception at all campuses. The raffle will close on 21 September and be drawn at 9am on Friday 22 September.   

Finally, next week is Open Week at our Bairnsdale Campus. There will be a range of fun activities on offer, providing an excellent opportunity for members of the community to visit. Full details are available on our website. I encourage you to spread the word among family and friends, or invite them to attend with you for a great day out.