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Over the past few weeks I have been highlighting aspects of our Strategic Plan for your knowledge and explanation. In particular I have used the newsletter as a means of unpacking some of the language or eduspeak we use as part of our goal setting process.

Our final sections for explanation are our business practices and resource development. The key points that I hope you can understand and take away from these sections, are the manner in which we operate the School to make a modest, yet essential surplus to help fund ongoing programs and capital development, our desire to build a new Year 3/4 centre at St Anne’s and a Performing Arts Centre at Garnsey and a strong desire to offer a learning environment for our students that is technology rich and where ICT’s play a positive role in the learning process.

4.0 Ethical and Responsible Business Practice

Our future financial framework will be designed to ensure that the School will continue to be successful well into the future. Our framework will work within the values of the School and be designed to support the key areas listed above. The Business of the School is to educate students. Everything within the Business plan is expected to support or enhance student outcomes.

In 3 years
We aim:

4.1       To operate the School in an effective yet efficient manner that responsibly balances the needs of the School with controlled expenditure.
4.2       To create modest and sustainable surpluses each year, that enable the School to achieve its strategic aims and ensure that the quality of our educational offering and opportunities for students are not compromised.
4.3       To invest in sustainable opportunities that deliver positive outcomes for the environment and long term positive outcomes to our cashflow.
4.4       To develop regular and effective communication and outreach strategies for the School that will maximise enrolments for each campus.
4.5       To continue developing best practice recruitment programs to ensure we have the highest quality and most effective team members at our school.

5.0 Resource Development

As a school we aim to offer our students the best opportunities to enhance their learning. Any development in our resources must aim to improve student outcomes and to support student-centred learning. To achieve this we must continue to develop and implement the master plan whilst also look to reinvigorate older areas of the School, ensuring that we are offering a contemporary, technology rich environment, for our students. Where possible, sustainable building practices and strategies will always be considered as part of the design brief for our architects. This will be complemented by our desire to create a safe and hazard free environment for the entire community.

In 3 years

We aim:

5.1       To have a clear strategic plan for the use and implementation of best practice technology. Students will learn, and staff will work, in a technologically rich environment.

5.2       To redevelop the Year 3/4 learning spaces at St Anne’s and begin a refurbishment process for the older spaces on this campus.
5.3       To continue to refurbish the older rooms at each campus and look to have a well-developed plan for the Performing Arts Centre. All of our spaces will reflect our educational model, Academic Care at Gippsland Grammar. They will be genuine learning spaces that promote thinking and engagement. They will also be collaborative spaces that promote engagement, motivation and positive interactions with others.
5.4       To continue updating and implementing our Master Plan. To ensure that we plan thoroughly for each stage whilst also ensuring our current assets and resources and maintained in a manner befitting the image of the School.

This week’s newsletter concludes my outline of the Strategic Plan. I encourage you to download the full version from our website and also to ask questions of myself either via email or in person. I am proud of the plan we have developed and I am excited about the opportunities it presents for our School and in particular our students. Whether at a Board meeting or at our weekly Executive meetings, strategic thinking and decision making always comes back to our students and what is best for them. 

Uniform Update:  It is with great excitement that we inform the School Community of some updates we are making to our current Sports Uniform at Gippsland Grammar.

We recognise that sometimes change can lead to uncertainty, and with uniform; concerns regarding cost. With this in mind, we will have a two year transition period for all of our students into the new pieces of Sport Uniform. The uniform changes will be for all of our students from Prep through to Year 12 from 2018 onwards.

We have consulted with a number of businesses who specialise in sports uniform to ensure that the changes we make will be not only functional but also comfortable based on the activities our students participate in. We are also conscious of the cost of each item and have endeavoured to source quality garments without significant changes to our current uniform expenses.

Our students have also had the opportunity to share their voice during this process with members of our Junior and Senior Campus SRC, or student leaders viewing options and possibilities along the way. Staff representatives from all campuses were also involved in this process which has been a 12 month process up to this point.

One of the most exciting changes is our move away from our current white sports polo shirt to a polo shirt that is predominantly green and made from a more technical fabric seen in many sporting teams and uniforms. We will also introduce men’s and women’s fit in these shirts.

The sport shorts will be updated to be made out of a more flexible stretch microfiber fabric allowing for ease of movement when participating in Sport and PE sessions. Again, these will be available in a men’s and women’s fit. They will be black shorts with our school crest embroidered onto them.

Our rugby jumper will be replaced with a jumper that is functional, wears well and is easy for students to put on and take off. Something I am sure our junior parents will appreciate.

Our track pants are also being updated in style and fabric. They will be warmer and more hardwearing than our current style. They will be black with a white crest also.

We will also be introducing an updated version of an outer jacket in place of our spray jacket which will be a fleece lined softshell waterproof jacket.

A sports cap will be introduced as an option for students to wear when wearing their sports uniform in place of the bucket hat.

Where possible we have worked with our suppliers to ensure retail prices will not differ too greatly from our current uniform prices. We have also chosen to work with a company who have a strong ethical business protocol.

In the upcoming months we will provide opportunity for students and families to see the final samples of these items to give you a greater understanding of the quality and design of these pieces.