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Principal's News

The third area of our Strategic Plan is aimed at developing and supporting our community.

Our community is defined by the many support groups that comprise our School and also by the broader Gippsland community and the many committed groups that support our region. For a school to be healthy and successful, strong connections with the various stake holders and support from our interest groups ensure that our culture is strong and sustainable. As a regional school we value the interdependence that country regions rely upon and look to foster relationships within the School and beyond. We value the connectedness that comes from positive interactions within the community for our students and families.

In 3 years

We aim:

3.1      To develop a professional and up to date data base to maximise communication within our community.

3.2      To develop links between the School and community groups (within the School and beyond) to foster a strong sense of interdependency.

3.3      To develop a strong collaborative community model to ensure that effort produces effective and appropriate outcomes.

3.4      To ensure that all of our community groups are well supported as they develop effective and efficient processes to connect parents and friends to the School.

These are ambitious goals; however, they clearly articulate the importance of community to the School and this is also clearly articulated in our mission statement. Gippsland Grammar is an Anglican school community committed to opportunity and excellence. When I first came to Gippsland Grammar it was the strength of our community that surprised me the most about the School. Support was readily offered whenever a need arose and I have witnessed our magnificent community rally on many occasions. Whilst our School community groups have always been a strength of Gippsland Grammar, we must look for further opportunities to connect with the broader Gippsland community and beyond. These connections will provide opportunities for our students, our families and our staff and ultimately strengthen the School. We must also ensure that we don’t take our School community groups for granted and ensure that we have a robust model of support and engagement.

My own family has been heavily involved in the McColl Club for the past four years and as a family new to the area, this has been a wonderful way to become involved in the School’s co-curricular program, to support our daughters and also to meet and work alongside other like-minded parents. My children often joke that we enjoy rowing more than they do!

I would like to thank the Foundation for organising a wonderful community event last Friday. The Soiree was an outstanding evening of music and friendship within the beautiful backdrop of Kilmany Park. In particular, I would like to thank Melissa Farley, Meredith Lynch and the members of the Foundation Executive- Alison Hamilton, Andrea Norman and Les Hardy for ensuring that we had a great night.