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Following my newsletter article from last week, I am pleased this week to discuss the second goal of our Strategic Plan- Our team.

As a School and also as an employer, we aim to have the highest performing staff working at our School and educating your children. We know from research that the teacher has the highest impact on the educational development of students and we aim to have the highest quality teachers teaching at our School and the highest quality staff working at our School. As a regional School, this can at times be difficult; however, our data has shown that the number of appropriate candidates we are attracting to apply for positions at the School has increased significantly in recent years. This may be due to our reputation, it may be due to the economy or it may be due to the more sophisticated strategies we are using in our recruitment campaigns. In particular, the use of social media.

Once people join our Team, we have a responsibility to develop them as professionals and ensure that they can be the best version of themselves. We also expect them to be role models at school and in the community and to demonstrate the same values that we expect from our students. We have developed an extensive professional growth and development program for our teachers, we continue to use our PLP (Professional Learning Projects) to drive improvement and innovation and our non-teachers all participate in a thorough and effective goal setting process.

Whilst we are pleased with the development of our programs, we still need to embed these into our culture over a period of time. We also recognise that we wish our Team to be given opportunities to develop their leadership skills, their mindfulness capacity and to further work towards a collaborative and exciting professional culture, based upon respect and responsibility.

Our Goals in this area for the next 3 years are:

Our team members, whatever their role, are a strength of our school. It is through enthusiastic, motivated and connected team members that we are able to successfully maintain a great school. High team morale and a strong sense of efficacy ensures high levels of performance and improved school outcomes. What we wish for our students, we should also wish for our team members and ensure that we role model a culture of lifelong learning.

In 3 years

We aim:

2.1   For our team members to continue to be recognised as a strength of our school.

2.2   To empower and build capacity in our teams and individuals to enhance effectiveness and develop a sense of pride and fulfilment.

2.3   To further develop the leadership capabilities of all team members.

2.4   To ensure that we have a culture of positive support and collaboration.

2.5   For our teams and individual team members to be self-aware, take responsibility for their own wellbeing and role model outstanding leadership for our student

2.6  To review and refine our PLP (Professional Learning Projects), along with our Professional Growth and Development model, to ensure that the desired outcomes are effective and positive for our students and capitalise on the talents and passions of our teachers.

We aim to be an employer of choice in our region and to be recognised as a leading developer of individual teaching capacity across the state, if not nationally. Your children will be the beneficiaries of outstanding teaching and outstanding leadership.  

I would like to thank all of our community for your rally to attend the Foundation Soiree this evening. We have great numbers attending and I am looking forward to a fantastic night. See you there!