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Child Safety Program

Published: 2016
Status: Current

Gippsland Grammar has developed the following Child Protection and Safety Policy. This policy is an overarching document that provides key elements of our approach to protecting children from abuse. It is designed to be communicated through our public website as well as through other mediums such as newsletters, our annual report and in induction and welcome packs for Board of Directors members, staff and volunteers.

search green_24view the Child Protection and Safety Policy here
search green_24view the Child Safety Code of Conduct here

Uniform Guidelines

uniformPublished: 2016
Status: Current 

The school uniform identifies members of our School. It assists in creating an atmosphere of uniformity, pride, loyalty and equity. All students enter class as equals as far as image and dress are concerned; their individuality comes from their attitude, character, spirit and involvement.

School uniform creates a sense of identity for students at Gippsland Grammar, promoting mutual respect and a sense of belonging. Students should wear it proudly and well, realising that at all times they are ambassadors for Gippsland Grammar.

The following guidelines are intended to ensure that all members of our School are positive examples to each other and to the wider community.

 search green_24view the Uniform Guidelines here

Enrolment Policy

Published: 2011
Status: Current

Gippsland Grammar has an open entry policy, offering places without priority with regard to race, religion, gender or ability.  

  • Allocation of Places (prep - Year 12)
  • Allocation of Places (Early Learning Centre)
  • Waiting Lists Indicative Class sizes

search green_24view the Enrolment Policy here

Anaphylaxis Policy

Published: 2015
Status: Current

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that our school supports students diagnosed with anaphylaxis.

The impact of anaphylaxis on a student and their family cannot be underestimated, and is a life threatening condition. Employees need to be able to recognise the symptoms and triggers of anaphylaxis and know how to respond appropriately.

search green_24view the Anaphylaxis Policy here

Homework Policy

Published: 2014
Status: Current

 Gippsland Grammar’s Homework Policy – A guide for parents and students.

search green_24view the Homework Policy here

Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination - Staff

Published: 2015
Status: Current

Gippsland Grammar is committed to providing all staff with a working environment which values diversity and respects differences in our community.

Gippsland Grammar is a school enriched by people of many backgrounds age, race, ethnic and national heritage, physical and intellectual abilities and lifestyle choices. Gippsland Grammar aims to treat all members of the community with dignity courtesy and respect and to create a harmonious and productive working and learning environment.

It is the policy of Gippsland Grammar that the learning and working environment is positive and supportive for all members of the school community. Therefore Gippsland Grammar is committed to ensuring that the working and learning environment is free from bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination.

search green_24view the Bullying Harassment and Discrimination Policy here

Building Respectful Relationships

Published: 2015
Status: Current

Our five core values (Compassion, Leadership, Excellence, Respect and Responsibility) underpin all aspects of life at Gippsland Grammar and as such are at the heart of our approach to managing student behaviour and respectful relationships.

Gippsland Grammar’s Academic Care educational model clearly sets out our holistic and whole school approach to education. This policy aims to ensure that relationships are consistent with and contribute to the interconnected strands of Academic Care; namely Wellbeing, Curriculum and Teaching & Learning.

search green_24view the Building Respectful Relationships Policy here

Student Behaviour Management Policy

Published: 2015
Status: Current

Gippsland Grammar should be a place where:

  • Students feel safe and supported by teachers
  • Students learn in a calm and focused environment
  • There are clear and consistent behavioural and learning expectations, made explicit to all students
  • Behaviours and relationships are managed in a restorative way
  • Relationships are respectful and characterised by positive dialogue and active listening
  • Teachers know their students and use positive education strategies in the classroom and beyond

search green_24view the Student Behaviour Management Policy here

Risk Management Policy

Published: 2015
Status: Current

Successful schools anticipate and manage risk. They are proactive rather than reactive, ensuring that the impacts of undesirable events are minimised and responses to those events that cannot be avoided are effective and appropriate. Best practice school risk management policies:

  • support compliance activities,
  • protect the school’s reputation,
  • limit potential liabilities,
  • inform financial planning, and
  • promote safety throughout the entire school community.

search green_24view the Risk Management Policy here

Workplace Health & Safety Policy

Published: 2015
Status: Current

The School Board and Executive are committed to providing a safe working environment through the implementation of risk management and reduction strategies that are integrated into all school activities. A consultative, co-operative approach between employees and management on WH&S issues will be a key priority. This policy acknowledges: 

  • the School’s legal obligations under the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and Common Law duty of care; and
  • all Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) policies and procedures related to risk management
  • The Gippsland Grammar Risk Management Policy

search green_24view the Workplace Health & Safety Policy here

Asthma Policy

Published: 2015
Status: Current

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that our school supports students diagnosed with asthma.

search green_24view the Asthma Policy here

eSmart Policy

Published: 2015
Status: Current

Gippsland Grammar recognises the importance of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in preparing students for the world around them and believes ICT is an integral part of the curriculum. We want our students to be confident, effective and safe using technology. As an eSmart school we will promote Cybersafety in our school community and explicitly teach our students about safe and responsible online behaviors in partnership with parents/guardians.

search green_24view the eSmart Policy here

Privacy Policy

Published: 2016
Status: Current

This policy outlines Gippsland Grammar’s (“the School”) policy in how the School uses and manages personal information provided to or collected by it.

search green_24view the Privacy Policy here