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Physical Education

Gym girlsAt Gippsland Grammar we place great emphasis on fitness and health. Our students participate in Physical Education and Health lessons every week from Years 7 to 9 and Physical Education in Year 10.  Our VCE Health and Human Development and Physical Education courses continue through to Year 12. Year 7, 8 and 9 students cover an extensive range of health-related issues in our health program.  Drug and Alcohol issues are a focus of this program.

Apart from fostering a positive attitude towards physical activity, we aim to provide opportunities for leadership and co-operation.

Students' levels of fitness and growth are monitored throughout the years by conducting a range of fitness tests twice a year. Many students discover new interests through the PE program, which they can build upon during the Wednesday sport program.

The Physical Education department is a hive of activity with many lunchtime activities happening in the gym and an emphasis on challenge and fun.