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Junior School Curriculum

A broad and challenging curriculum, in an ordered and structured learning environment, is offered at the Junior School. An integrated approach to a differentiated curriculum meets individual and common needs by providing a creative and balanced programme of learning. Students are provided with exciting and stimulating learning opportunities in all Key Learning Areas.


St_Annes_Year_5Class Teachers are responsible for the programme of core subjects, namely Literacy, Numeracy and Integrated studies. Specialist teachers provide courses in Art, Library, Languages (Japanese), Music, Sport and PE. Each area of the curriculum develops specific knowledge and skills while enhancing and enriching learning outcomes in other areas. At all times the curriculum is conscious our dealing with the whole child, fully aware of the need for each to achieve personal potential in academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development.


Current research and resources influence planning and presentation of the curriculum. Early Years and Middle Years philosophies are taken into account during planning and where appropriate students and teachers are supported, in the classroom, by volunteers.

junior_headStudents are tested annually to monitor overall progress and where appropriate some academic support or extension is provided.  The School is conscious of the fact that those very capable students, who require extension and extra challenges, have special needs that must be met, just as those who find the work difficult must be supported.

Information Technology is widely used in the teaching learning process. Each classroom has five computers that are used as part of the classroom resources and in addition classes have access to a computer laboratory. Such resources, supported by an excellent library, provide outstanding opportunities for resource-based learning.

In the whole fabric of the curriculum the student is central.