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We all work to inspire each

other to take on new things. 

Our Year 6 students work

especially hard to inspire

 their buddies through good


                                                       JAMES, YEAR 6




To inspire or to be inspiring? What does inspiration look like? At Gippsland Grammar, it looks like this... Young people being the best they can be. How?

We ask our students to inspire each other. Our leaders; Prefects, House Captains, Cultural Captains, Chapel Captains, Sports Captains, Social Service Captains, SRC Representatives and Peer Support Leaders provide models of leadership to other students. In the spirit of the Anglican ethos, they give of themselves. They inspire other young people; they pave the way for future leaders.

Learning is dynamic, engaging, fun and serious. Our teachers are serious about their students' learning and academic achievements. Their passion inspires students to dress up for Medieval Day, abseil down cliff faces, solve complex chemical equations and make speeches in Japanse welcoming our Japanese visitors at School assemblies. The fruits of academic rigour are evident.

The extra-curricular program provides students with a plethora of choice. They are challenged and inspired to take part and make their experience of school a rich one. They are inspired to debate against other schools, run races for their House, undertake early morning rowing training, make considered chess moves against their opponents and contribute to their netball teams' fortunes.

Our students contribute to their own good fortunes and create opportunities for themselves so that they can move beyond school with confidence and purpose. That's inspiring.