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At our school we help each

other get through hard things

and we don't let each other

down. It helps to make us






Being independent is a cornerstone of our philosophy at Gippsland Grammar. Our students are encouraged, supported and taught how to think for themselves.

They are equipped with the skills to research effectively, evaluate information and reach thier own conclusions. In short they become independent thinkers, young men and women who will lead the way rather than follow the paths of others. Many opportunities are given to them to learn the value of persistence, discover their inner strength and develop a positive outlook on life. Our boarding students learn to live away from home, overcome challenges independently and set goals for themselves.

Many of our students will move from Gippsland for their tertiary education. Resilience and independence are both required when students leave home. Their rich, broad experience at Gippsland Grammar will provide them with the skills to navigate their way through the many challenges ahead. One of the most important is having the ability to make 'good decisions': the strength of character to make the 'right' decision and not simply follow the crowd, the strength to be their own person - in short to be independent.