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School Play 1School Play 5A number of co-curricular Drama productions take place during the year. First semester sees about 70 students preparing for the senior school Play which is staged at the end of second term. Plays requiring large casts are chosen so that as many students as possible can participate. Students are also involved as technical crews (lighting, sound, backstage, set construction and decoration, makeup) directors and stage managers.

 In Term 3, each House writes an original script on a set theme, for presentation at the House Drama Festival when the entire Senior School enjoys four plays and the insights of an external adjudicator who determines places and awards trophies for individual excellence. This is an entirely student-run event. House leaders are responsible for all aspects of the production with the Drama teacher acting in and advisory and supervisory capacity only.

Term 4 concludes with the Visual and Performing Arts Evening. Students from Years 7 to 10 present a series of short items, supported by student musicians in conjunction with the School Art Show.