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Gippsland Grammar is a place

where we are allowed to be 

curious about things that

happen around us or things we

might have seen".




Back-icon All children are born with innate curiosity about the world around them. However, this fundamental requirement for learning is sometimes lost as children grow up, either because of the frustration that nobody is answering their questions or because they learn it is not 'cool' to be too interested in learning.


At Gippsland Grammar we celebrate curiosity. We encourage students to ask awkward questions. We structure experiential opportunities which promote active learning. We urge students to try new things, to operate outside their comfort zone. We encourage reflection on matters academic, physical and spiritual, relying on the exploration of alternatives rather than the spoon-feed of a particular view.

Gippsland Grammar is a Community of Inquiry which models lifelong learning. At Gippsland Grammar, we want your child to be articulate and curious, to articulate their curiosity and to look for the answers.