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At Gippsland Grammar we

are challenged to do our best in

everything we are taught. For

example in sport we are encouraged

to do our best and in class we are

challenged through competitions

 and extension groups". 





Challenges are a positive at Gippsland Grammar

We believe that all students should be given the challenge to take risks, develop independence and strive to achieve their personal best. Our curriculum from ELC to Year 12 is built around encouraging students to become engaged with thier learning in order for them to develop into inquiring individuals capable of ensuring their own future success.

From our 3 year old Reception ELC class where students are challenged to "use their words" to express how they are feeling, to one of our many Junior School extension classes who may be debating the influence of technological changes have had on the way we spend our leisure time, challenges occur in our Junior Schools for all children as their own individual learning plans are created and refined regularly to ensure new goals are created as each child develops.

At Senior School challenges take place in a variety of forms dependent upon the curriculum being studied and special interests the student may have. Through our Year 9 program students enjoy a wide range of classroom activities, including two weeks based at the Melbourne City classroom, and an extensive Outdoor Education program which includes activities such as hiking trips and ski camps. As students move into the senior years of schooling, our students are challenged and extended in the classroom and through a variety of leadership activities.

At all levels of our school, extension classes are offered for students requiring extra challenge in their curricular or co-curricular life. Pathways are developed to suit individual aspirations and students have many opportunities to demonstrate their learning through actions.