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The school has a real variety

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Creativity is much more difficult to measure than many other intellectual qualities. Consequently, it is sometimes invisible in the School curriculum or in our assessment of an individual's achievements.

We all recognise creativity as a key component of a holistic education. At every Year Level from ELC to to Year 8, there is a specialist program of Visual and Performing Arts which allows students to explore new ideas in a supportive environment. In Years 9 - 12, a wide variety of subjects on offer through our elective program demands the creativity of our students. Magazine production, film making, robotics and ceramics are but a sample. Our co-curricular program also features a large number of musical ensembles and House and School cultural competitions in Dance, Creative Writing, Drama and Art, all designed to allow students to express their understanding of the world.

A number of enrichment opportunities remind us that creativity is also a means of problem-solving. Tournament of Minds, Da Vinci Decathalon, Future Problem Solving and some of the Maths Challeng competitions all encourage creativity as an integral component of the problem-solving process.

Our assemblies and Fellowships provide performance opportunities to allow students to develop the confidence to express themselves creatively.