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 community7   foundationgreyTHE GIPPSLAND

Established in 1985, the Gippsland Grammar Foundation aids the school community by raising the funds necessary for much needed projects beyond the reach of the School’s financial means.

As the fundraising arm of the school, the foundation is an incorporated separate body administered by a voluntary Committee of Management, with members made up of parents, former students, staff and friends of Gippsland Grammar. The Foundation is constantly fundraising to provide new and improved facilities at the School.

In recent years the Foundation has raised funds for the construction of the Chapel of St Anne, made a significant contribution to the Information Services Centre, the refurbishment of the Science Wing, and the “new” Blackwood House. Funds have also been raised for the refurbishment of the Lorna Sparrow Hall at St Anne’s Campus and providing a cover for the basketball court at Bairnsdale Campus.

Become a permanent part of the history of Gippsland Grammar by joining the Foundation. All Foundation members have made a significant contribution to ensuring the students of Gippsland Grammar have full access to superior educational facilities. In addition, such contributions ensure Gippsland Grammar maintains its reputation as a school of excellence, involvement and opportunity.


    oldscholarsTHE OLD SCHOLARS
The Old Scholars Association provides links between the past and present by keeping past students informed as to what is happening at the School and by providing opportunities to maintain friendships. This is done by providing Old Scholars with a section in Veritas, our School magazine. A reunion program operates and various functions are held during the year. All former students of the School may become members of the Old Scholars Association. The Association meets regularly, organises social functions and also works to provide financial assistance to School in various ways. This support is offered through donations of prizes, financial assistance with building projects and the provision of a non-means tested Scholarship. Each year, a barbecue is hosted by Old Scholars for Year 12 students in their last week of formal schooling.

The Friends of Music is a group of interested parents who meet occasionally to support the activities of the Music Department. They co-ordinate front of house activities at concerts, prepare afternoon teas for rehearsals, sell tickets, operate refreshments and assist where possible and when required. The Music Secretary co-ordinates contact between the Friends of Music and the Music Department. The Friends of Music have helped raise considerable funds since the group was formed in 2000, and as a result equipment levels in the Music Department have benefited substantially.

Formed in 2003, friends of Drama is a group of parents whose children enjoy participating in the co-curricular Drama program. They organise interval refreshment for Drama productions, and the money raised in this venture helps to fund the purchase of equipment that will enhance the students’ performances. Friends of Drama also assist with sewing costumes, as well as set construction, and provide meals for students who
remain at school before performances.


Co-ordinated by a central Executive, the School’s
Parents and Friends Association is active at each of the three campuses. The P&F Association provides a channel of communication between the school staff and parents; sometimes providing a representative to be involved in a project or committee in order to provide a parent’s perspective. The P&F aims to build community by organising social events throughout the year where parents and friends can meet. Parents also make a signifi cant contribution to the School income by organising fundraising events with the major fundraising event of the year being the STAGGFair. Money raised by the P&F is spent for the benefit of the students on equipment, activities and projects that would not normally by provided by the School. In recent years, the P&F has funded improvements to the School grounds, and by purchasing educational materials and sporting equipment. All current parents of students at the School are regarded as members of the Parents and Friends and are welcome to become involved.

The McColl Club is the rowing support group consisting mostly of parents but also old scholars and other interested members of the school community. This group was named after the McColl family who generously contributed in the early days of rowing at the school. This group provides financial, material and practical support to the Gippsland Grammar Rowing Club. This assistance optimises opportunities for students’ participation, enjoyment and pursuit of rowing excellence. This is done through fundraising and practical support.
The McColl Club co-ordinates catering at regattas and other functions. They also run a very successful ‘Rowing Dinner’ at the conclusion of each rowing season. Members also assist with maintenance of equipment, driving our boat trailer to and from regattas all over the country, provide catering and support for our annual week long Rowing Camp and hold regular Working Bees at the boat shed.