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I just like the classes;

we get along with the teachers 

and have fun, but we learn. 

Everyone just wants to learn".





Our teachers are passionate about education and this love of learning is instilled and nutured in our students. We hope to light a fire within each student, whether it be for academia or an activity beyond the classroom.

A student who develops a love for learning, or a particular activity, will usually excel. This passion provides enormous motivation. A multitude of extracurricular activities such as music, drama, public speaking, sport, school camps, and an extensive outdoor education program provide opportunities for the student to grow. The wonderful achievements of our students are also the cause of great celebration. The Gippsland Grammar community acknowledges its students' successes and feels great pride in their achievements. Many excel in activities well beyond Gippsland at state and national levels.

Many of our students develop a passion at school that shapes their career choices - the musicians who go on to the Conservatorium, the English/Media students who embark on a career in media, the Biology students who become research scientists. Years of fulfilment and new friendships can be formed as a result of being involved in interests that were developed at school. Our students develop a passion for life and all it offers.