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Rowing is different. There's a 

great atmosphere at the Rowing

Club. Even though it's hard, it's

really rewarding".





To be committed is to pledge oneself to a purpose. It could be argued that the most important single factor in individual success is commitment. For commitment ignites action.

At Gippsland Grammar, students discover their purpose and passions, and are committed to them.

To win a gold medal in the National Rowing Championships, the coxed quad crew trained up to six times per week, learning to work together as a crew and excel. They had a clear purpose. While the success of this crew was exceptional, all rowers commit themselves to their chosen sport because they love it.

With the only orchestra east of Melbourne, students achieve success in Music through commitment to their lessons, rehearsals and performances in ensembles which epitomise teamwork and the passion associated with making music.

As active participants in their own learning, students who are committed to their studies have opportunities to achieve their best in a variety of academic endeavours and pathways.

At Gippsland Grammar, we believe you child will discover their passions and be committed to action.