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VCE Results 2016

Class Of 2016

The Dux of Gippsland Grammar for 2016 was Anna Morscheck. Anna obtained an ATAR score of 98.95. Anna achieved a perfect score of 50 for English Language.

This year’s results are another strong performance for the School. The School’s median ATAR score was 73.2 and 8% of our students achieved a score above 95, placing them in the top 5% of the state. 19% of students obtained an ATAR score of over 90 putting them in the top 10% of the state, whilst 39% obtained an ATAR score in excess of 80 placing them in the top 20%. 92% of the students placed in the top 50%.

This year seven of our top 10 ATARs were scored by girls.

Close behind Anna from Sale were Solomon Jones (Longford) 97.7, Emily Harrison (Giffard West) 97.2, Christopher Valette (Maffra) 97.1, Zoe Czempinski (Tyers) 96.45, Kirsten Clamp (Sale) 96.2, Maithree Wijesakara (Traralgon) 95.45, Scarlett Clemens (Sale) 95.2

In terms of study scores, our average study score was 31.4.
8.3 % of the study scores were over 40 and hence will be published on the VCE high achiever’s list.

As a School we are thrilled with the outstanding results attained by our high achieving students.

We would like to congratulate all of our students who successfully obtained their VCE or VCAL certificates and also our dedicated staff who have worked tirelessly to assist these students for many years.

VCE Results 2016