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Principals News

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I would like to welcome our students and their families back for Term 3. It was great to spend some time with students this week; to see refreshed faces and hear of great journeys and adventures.

This term we welcome back Mrs Leanne Caithness, who returns from Long Service Leave and resumes her role teaching Science. It is also my great pleasure to announce that Mr Jie Van Berkel has accepted my offer to become the ongoing Head of St Anne’s. Mr Van Berkel has made a great contribution to St Anne’s as Acting Head and I have confidence in his ability to provide leadership to this campus well into the future.

We were fortunate to be able to conduct our Annual Staff Conference at St Anne’s on the first day of term. This was a great opportunity for staff to spend time together, developing our shared understanding of wellbeing and working towards a whole community definition of this concept. Throughout the day we heard from experts from within our staff and also explored the impact that wellbeing has on academic performance and engagement. Our purpose for the day referenced our educational model ‘Academic Care at Gippsland Grammar.’ In particular, we examined the inextricable link between wellbeing and learning.

As a School we wish to develop a whole community understanding of wellbeing, a common language for describing wellbeing and actions we can take as teachers, students and parents to positively develop wellbeing. This is an exciting and ambitious goal that will take time to achieve as each element becomes embedded in our culture. Ultimately we would like to identify beliefs and behaviours that enhance wellbeing; encourage these at all times; and explicitly speak about these in our language. Conversely, we would also like to understand and identify beliefs and attitudes that may damage wellbeing and be prepared to challenge each other when we observe these behaviours.

These cultural changes mirror our goals and vision for learning. We have already developed a shared language of learning- the SOLO Taxonomy, and we are currently identifying beliefs and behaviours that promote SOLO and enhance learning for our students.

Once again I would like to welcome all of our students back to School and wish them well for the Semester ahead. In particular, I wish our Year 12 students well as they approach their final days at Gippsland Grammar. They have been a positive and engaging year level and wonderful role models for our School.