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It seems strange that, as I write this newsletter, the School’s Excecutive and Board are working hard to plan for 2018. We are looking at our staffing needs, changes to structures and reviewing our 2017 goals in preparation for setting goals for 2018; which includes evaluating our progress against our first year objectives, as outlined in our Strategic Plan. All of this, yet it is still winter. I know that there is a sense of urgency amongst my colleagues at other schools to recruit early for 2018 to snap up the best teachers.

At Gippsland Grammar we will have a couple of retirements, a small number of resignations and a few staff will take Long Service Leave. We are predicting growth in our enrolment numbers, which must be supported with adequate time and resources. In particular, St Anne’s will become a full two-stream Campus in 2018, where we will have two stand-alone classes at each year level. We are also hopeful that next year we will begin construction of a Year 3/4 Learning Centre at St Anne’s Campus. The final decision to go ahead with this project will be dependent on funding approvals, which we hope to receive later this term.

We are also experiencing interest and increased enrolments for next year at both Bairnsdale and Garnsey campuses. We will be advertising for several teaching positions at Garnsey in the upcoming weeks, in particular for Maths/Science teachers. At St Anne’s we will be looking for a new classroom teacher and at Bairnsdale we will welcome back staff from parental leave.

Planning is a very exciting time for our leadership team, however we need to ensure that we finish 2017 in the manner in which we started. This year has been a year full of hope, change and excitement. We have welcomed new leaders to critical positions, further developed our ‘Academic Care’ educational model and continued to strive for excellence.

Some of you may be aware that I have been teaching a Year 12 Physics class this term. It has been wonderul to return to the classroom and a subject that I consider a passion. Our Year 12 students have been working incredibly hard this year; they have been great role models for the School and we will be sad to see them go. While we are madly planning and looking forward, I am going to enjoy our remaining time in 2017 and our final months, weeks and days with this year’s graduating class.

The Old Scholars Association launched the 'Be Your Potential' Scholarship Fund at the 2016 STAGGFAIR. This is a new scholarship to enable a student, who could not for reasons financial, social or otherwise, attend Gippsland Grammar. To firmly establish the scholarship, the Old Scholars Association is seeking to build a base amount of $400,000. To this end, all proceeds from the current ‘Be Your Potential’ Fee Raffle will go directly to the fund, thereby assisting future students of our School. The Fee Raffle is a great opportunity to have your tuition fees paid for in 2018, while contributing to a wonderful cause. For full details visit our website, drop in to your local campus or call our Development Office on 5143 6315. Tickets are only available for a few more weeks, so you will need to move quickly to avoid missing out.