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Pastoral Care - Junior Campuses

Young students need guidance, time to grow, encouragement and support as well as space in which this can occur.  Excellent role models, senior students, teachers and members of the wider community provide the examples for the young to emulate.  All of these ingredients exist at our Junior Schools to form the foundation of our pastoral care system.

fellowshipIn the Junior School, students from Prep to Year 6 enjoy a climate of care created by the interaction between students, members of staff and the parents. Gippsland Grammar is a welcoming community where everyone is made to feel "at home". Each student feels that he/she belongs to the School and is offered the best possible opportunities for personal, social, emotional, academic, physical and spiritual growth.

The School is committed to providing all members of the community with a teaching and learning environment which is safe, supportive and caring. Every effort is made to ensure that the School is free of harassment and discrimination of any kind.

All students are known as individuals, and each student is known best by their class teacher who endeavours to address the needs of each one. Regular communication enables us to work in partnership with the home for each student to achieve many of their dreams and hopes.

preppiesRespect forms the basis for everything we do at Junior School - respect for self, respect for others, respect for resources, respect for the environment and respect for our community. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions, their belongings, their learning and the commitment to their School. Rules are few, but a well ordered environment with a warm and accepting climate allows our students to grow as responsible, respectful members of the community.

Our school model of behaviour management is based around the notion of restorative justice, whereby students are taught strategies with which to be able to solve issues as they arise. Students are expected to respect each other and therefore are held responsible for their actions should this not occur. At our Junior Schools students are taught to be able to restore relationships with Circle Time being actively supported as a tool for students to express their feelings.

Gippsland Grammar Junior Schools are a place where students feel safe and respected; a place where they can achieve their personal best with supportive friends and teachers.