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The Early Learning Centre Program is an excellent beginning for young children as they embark on their journey through school and life. The Early Learning Program is tailored to meet the needs of each age group and ensures that your child’s first schooling experience is a positive and happy one.

The Gippsland Grammar Early Learning Centre philosophy is to create a caring and creative learning environment that challenges and extends your child in these vital years of intellectual, social, spiritual and physical growth. By providing a rich learning environment, the children are encouraged to become confident thinkers and problem solvers. They are immersed in an environment which provides plenty of early literacy and numeracy experiences, with a focus on speaking, listening and concentration. While the Early Learning Centre has its own safe enclosed area within the St Anne’s Campus of Gippsland Grammar, the children are able to see and interact with the older children and become very comfortable with the idea of being a part of the ‘big school’ from an early age.

Reception Group

The Reception Program for three year olds is the first of many happy, exciting and enjoyable years of learning in a formal educational setting which will see every child reach their full potential. A relaxed, warm and happy environment where all children feel safe, secure and valued enables children to explore and develop a wide range of skills whilst gaining confidence and positive feelings about themselves. The Program aims to encourage children to experiment, investigate and discover through a variety of hands-on and open-ended activities. Planned activities each week aim to develop a variety of skills in language and literature, nature and science, music and movement, small and large motor coordination, as well as cooperation, sharing, caring and negotiation.

Pre Prep Group

The Pre-Prep Program for four year olds is the next step in your child’s preparation for school. The children begin to move around the Junior School, using the Library and attending specialist lessons in Music as well as participating in a Perceptual Motor Program - all activities they will build on during their years at Gippsland Grammar.

Each child in the Pre-Prep Program has their own special Year 5 friend who they work with weekly. During their Pre-Prep year, the children become very confident in moving around the school with the support of the Early Learning Centre Staff. The children also work formally and informally with the Prep Class and the Prep Teacher throughout the year.


Allocation of Early Learning Centre places

Priority will be given to children who have siblings already attending Years Prep to 6 at the St Anne’s Campus of Gippsland Grammar. Places will then be allocated to children who are already enrolled at Gippsland Grammar for Prep in a future year and have paid the Prep Holding fee; then by date of receipt of Early Learning Centre application.